Randy Weeks Release At Last

(PR) Randy Weeks isn�t what you�d call a shameless self-promoter. In fact, he�d so much rather write songs and go on the road performing them that he more or less forgot to release his new album, Sugarfinger. Finally, friends in the business reminded him that he needed to release the album if only to give birth to one of the finest potential summer radio hits since The Beach Boys or the Raspberries. �You know, you�re right, I should really get that out,� he conceded. And with that, Sugarfinger, featuring the hit track �Transistor Radio,� will see the light of day on August 22, 2006.

�Transistor Radio,� which can be streamed at http://www.myspace.com/randyweeks, has enjoyed months of airplay on tastemaking Los Angeles NPR station KCRW-FM, embellished by plays on Indie 103.1 FM�s �Watusi Rodeo� program. Most listeners � and even the radio programmers themselves � assumed the album was out by now. And it�s true, Weeks sold a few out of the back of his truck at gigs. But no, no official release �til now.

The popularity of �Transistor Radio� shouldn�t come as a surprise to those who know Weeks from his earlier composition �Can�t Let Go,� covered by Lucinda Williams and performed by her on Saturday Night Live, and more recently by Sony Nashville artist Ashley Monroe. Weeks� songs have also appeared in such notable works of cinema as �Sunshine State,� �Shallow Hal,� �Say It Isn�t So,� �Jack Frost,� �The Ringer� and �Country Bears.�

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