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(PR) VENOM 'CAST IN STONE' expanded edition out via Sanctuary Records July, 18th 2006. "7 Days of Hell" North American tour confirmed for August, 2006. Originally released in December 1997, Cast In Stone also became known as the reunion album as the original line-up of Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon put the past behind them to once again grasp black metal by the barbs. This edition of the album has been completely remastered by Cronos, who also presides over the entire artistic direction. As per the original release, a bonus disc of classic re-recorded Venom tracks is retained but this time a further five tracks from the rare Venom '96 mini album, recorded as a limited edition release for the band's Dynamo Festival headline to 90,000 fans, are added.

Disc 1 - Cast In Stone - 'The Evil One', 'Raised In Hell', 'All Devils Eve', 'Bleeding', 'Destroyed And Damned', 'Domus Mundi', 'Flight Of The Hydra', 'God's Forsaken', 'Mortals', 'Infectious', 'Kings Of Evil', 'You're All Gonna Die', 'Judgement Day', 'Swarm'.

Disc 2 - Classics Re-Recorded - 'Intro', 'Bloodlust', 'Die Hard', 'Acid Queen', 'Bursting Out', 'Warhead', 'Lady Lust', 'Manitou', 'Rip Ride', 'Venom'. Limited Edtion Dynamo Festival 1996 Mini Album - '7 Gates Of Hell', 'Welcome To Hell', 'In Nomine Satanas', 'Black Metal', 'The Evil One'.

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