GNR 3CD Set?

(antiMusic) Will the long delayed Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy be a triple CD release? Axl reportedly told Jayme Peyton (Big Damn Band) at an after show party at the Roxy that it would be.

Rose attended the Derek Trucks show at the Roxy on Feb 23rd in which the Indiana based Big Damn Band opened. "(Rose) heard us say that it was my birthday, and he came over and bought me a couple of shots of Patron (tequila)," Jayme said according to a Indy Star Blog report. "I thought that was real nice."

After Rose mentioned his own recent 44th birthday, another member of Big Damn Band jokingly said, "Man, that is old."

"(Rose) looked at the bartender and said, 'Hey can I get a Geritol over here,' " Jayme says.

But Rose also had another gift for Jayme. "Jayme says the party eventually moved to Trucks' tour bus, where Rose produced a CD and previewed some of 'Chinese Democracy' -- which the singer said will be sold as a 3-disc collection," reports David Lindquist on his blog.

But this seems to contradict what Axl told Rolling Stone in January. They reported that Axl told them that Chinese Democracy. However, he also told them, "We're working on thirty-two songs, and twenty-six are nearly done".

Axl likes to keep us guessing and this should add more fuel to the fire. It could be that Axl plans three eventual album releases or maybe a simultaneous release of three albums similar to what GNR did for Use Your Illusion I & II. Or it may be a 3 CD set. Then again, they were downing Tequila and Jayme may have misheard Axl. Until we hear anything official from the GNR camp the guessing game will continue.

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