Guns N Queen

(antiMusic) There is a very good reason why the latest leaked Guns N' Roses song has a Queen vibe to it; the track includes a guest appearance from a member of the legendary group. Queen guitarist Brian May confirmed last week that he is the one heard playing lead guitar on song "Catcher in the Rye".

In an online journal entry May wrote, "'Catcher in the Rye' is a great track .. I was pretty surprised to find a mix of it in my inbox this week .... after all these years. I wonder who leaked this stuff. Yes, my guitar is there, nice and crisply recorded. It was a blast doing the sessions. I had flown out to LA specially to play on the record for Axl. I've sat on whatever I have or know about these songs ever since that moment .... out of respect for Axl .... confidentiality is part of respect for me. So I will watch with interest. I like the track a lot and always did ... and it still sounds very fresh ... the thing that hits you first is that incredible, incredible voice ... we've been missing it for far too long. Axl is magic."

Meanwhile, fans still wait for Axl to release that magic officially.

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