Jackson 5 Murder

(antiMusic) Police discovered Johnny Jackson, the former drummer for the Jackson 5, stabbed to death at his Gary, Indiana residence on Wednesday. Police found the 54 year-old's body after a neighbor called police reporting an argument between Jackson and a woman. He was pronounced dead shortly after midnight Thursday morning.

The lead suspect was Jackson's girlfriend, Yolanda Davis. The 44-year-old woman surrendered to police on Friday. She was charged with the murder on Saturday according to the Post Tribune.

It is not clear whether Jackson was a blood relative to the famous Jackson family. The Associated Press reports that police believe that he was a cousin to the Jacksons. However, that also state that other reports said that he has no blood relation to the family.

Allmusic states that Johnny Jackson was in the original incarnation of the group. " The eldest three sons began performing around the area together in 1962, teamed with two cousins (Johnny Jackson and Ronnie Rancifer), who were replaced by Marlon and five-year-old Michael," writes Steve Huey in the Jackson 5 bio at Allmusic.com.

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