Unholy Alliance Tour Feat: Slayer, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Children of Bodom more

(Press Release) The new wave of Americas' most influential band and metal titans Lamb Of God joins forces with thrash's greatest institution. A true unholy alliance. Lamb Of God the biggest headlining metal acts in the US joins forces with Slayer, Children Of Bodom and Mastodon and Thine Eyes Bleed for The Unholy Alliance Tour; LOG's first US tour since they headlined The Sounds OF The Underground 2005!

LOG are currently at home in Richmond Virginia recording their sophomore Epic Records recording (8/06) with Producer Machine (Clutch, King Crimson as well as LOG's ground breaking Epic Records debut, titled, "Ashes Of the Wake" (2004)

Lamb Of God may introduce new material from their forthcoming album on the Unholy Alliance Tour.

Drummer Chris Adler states, "Since we took the time off to write our new record, several well known tour opportunities and offers did hit the table. Many discussions occurred late last year; but at the time, we were uncomfortable committing to the projected lineups. It's a tough line to walk - weighing opportunity vs. what you consider the intention and integrity of the project. You have to know yourself and respect your audience or you will lose step very quickly. We are a very heavy metal band - we're not interested in trying to sell a record to everyone. We write "ugly" music for "ugly" people and we have no intentions of lightening things up for more appeal. If you know of us and don't like us now, you never will and we aren't missing you.

When discussions began with Slayer about a US run together, we knew this needed to happen. We've done shows together in the UK and let me tell you, it is one of the most intense and brutal nights of music I have ever witnessed both on and off the stage. This will not be a normal heavy metal tour, this is roaming devastation. As a life long fan of heavy music, this is the show that I would want to see - this is the show that the fans deserve - this is the show that will raise the bar and this is the show that will not be forgotten."

Tour dates to be announced.

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