Coltrane DVD

(MVD) Music Video Distributors and Disconforme are pleased to announce the home viewing release of John Coltrane - A True Innovator for US distribution on DVD May 16, 2006.

This 1963 recording features Coltrane with sidemen McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones performing 3 of Coltrane's signature pieces: Afro Blue, Alabama, and Impressions.

This exceptional collection offers, for the first time in an economical series, some of the best filmed jazz material of all time. Legendary figures at the height of their creativity appear here, thanks to material of incalculable artistic value that today forms part of the human cultural heritage

With the growing popularity Music DVD and the latest technological advances, the recovery of these images constitutes an authentic happening for jazz and blues fans that now have something so esthetically satisfying available that previously was unimaginable in terms of quality and clarity.

In the Stars of Jazz series both diehard aficionados of these musicians as well as jazz lovers in general who are constantly on the lookout for new enriching experiences will find, without a doubt, the best visual and auditory legacy which has been bequeathed to us by the great mythical names of Jazz and Blues.

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