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(Skye Media) Chicago-based musician Ike Reilly plays himself [in] James� Marsh�s forthcoming film �The King� and shot his scenes for the movie in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2004. The movie is set to debut at the film conference portion of South By Southwest in Austin on Tuesday, March 14th at 9:30 p.m. at the Paramount.

For his part in the film, Reilly performed �Put A Little Love In It,� a song from his debut album, Salesmen and Racists. The twist was that Reilly sang the song, originally performed and written in English, in Spanish. His performance and song are part of a pivotal bar fight scene in the movie. Reilly �love[d] the script� and was thrilled that director Marsh is a fan of his music. Marsh, best known previously for �Wisconsin Death Trip,� co-wrote the script with Milo Addica (�Monster�s Ball�). �The King� stars Gael Garcia Bernal, Laura Harring, Paul Dano, and William Hurt, and will be released by THINKFilm.

In addition to his performance in the actual movie, Reilly�s tune �It�s All Right To Die� also is heard in the movie as a song on the radio when two characters are riding in a car. Songs by Calexico, Freddy Fender, and Bob Dylan can also be heard in the film. Paul Dano, who plays the dutiful son in the film, also performs an acoustic version of a Sparklehorse song, "Sad & Beautiful World.� �The King� is scheduled to open in the U.S. on May 19th.

Reilly helms his band, The Ike Reilly Assassination, who released their latest album, Junkie Faithful, last fall on the Rock Ridge Music label. Reilly recently recorded a handful of songs from his last two albums (�Sparkle In The Finish� and �Junkie Faithful�) in an acoustic setting � four or five of which will be used for a digital-only EP set to come out in April 2006 that will offer fans a different take on favorite tracks. In addition to a duo (Reilly and guitarist Phil Karnats) �acoustic� tour scheduled to coincide with the release of the digital EP, Reilly plans to hit the touring highway with his full band in tow during the summer, with planned routing through the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest. The band completed a very successful swing through the West Coast and Texas last month.

Said the New York Times of the IRA: ��visceral, outlandishly catchy tunes capture a certain kind of cockiness and bar clown wit... Mr. Reilly and his band tear it up live.� Press has also said �Junkie Faithful� is �rife with angry melodies and politics we�ve come to know and love� (Time Out New York), and �a bold combo of scat-rap lyrics, driving rhythm, slashing guitars, heavenly keyboards and aching, soulful vocals.� (Pulse of the Twin Cities) While some had high praise for his lyrics (�His words, like his personae, shift, bob, and weave, from sage to fool to jester to street-corner prophet.� � Boston Phoenix), the Minneapolis Star-Tribune championed Ike as ��the embodiment of everything great about America, a throwback to a time when people worked hard and chased their dreams and encouraged others to do the same. �Reilly and his band are a scene unto themselves. �they belong to no camp. They are, simply, a great rock 'n' roll band...� The IRA is rounded out by Reilly�s long-time bandmates Dave Cottini, drums; Tommy O'Donnell, bass; Phil Karnats, guitar; and Ed Tinley on piano and guitar.

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