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(TVT) UK gutter punks Towers Of London will release their feverishly anticipated debut album Blood, Sweat & Towers on June 20. The band will begin their launch of the album with a string of U.S. dates beginning this month that include unpredictable appearances at South By Southwest 2006, and two sold-out New York City gigs including a riotous opening slot for The Pogues at the Nokia Theatre on March 19 and the �Live From London� showcase at Bowery Ballroom on March 21.

Consisting of brothers Donny and Dirk Tourette (vocals and guitar respectively), guitarist The Rev, bassist Tommy Brunette and drummer Snell, Towers Of London have made an indelible impact on a fickle British music scene with a fistful of empowering rock anthems like �---- It Up�, and fearless performances everywhere from the 100 Club to some of Europe�s biggest festivals. One local paper calls the band �the most notorious, remorseless, antisocial band in Britain.�

A memorable show amongst many featured Donny being smashed in the face with a pint glass. Covered in his own blood, the singer professionally waited for the guitar solo before going out into the crowd to punch out the �fan� who threw it. Coming back on stage without missing a beat he finished the song and addressed the crowd with: �Would anyone else like to hit me in the face with a glass?� TVT Records moved to sign the band immediately after the gig.

Balancing affinities for blue collar 70�s punk and glammy 80�s cock rock, the Towers Of London sound is unstoppable. With Sex Pistols-laced stompers like �Kill The Pop Scene�, and �Beaujolais� to G�n�R-channeling rockers �How Rude She Was� and �I�m a Rat�, Blood Sweat & Towers may just be the best balls-to-the-wall rock eruption since Appetite For Destruction. The band even teams up with the Andrew Oldham Orchestra (from The Verve�s Urban Hymns) for the pleasingly out-of-character �King.�

The first single from the disc is the fist-pumper �Air Guitar�, which sounds like The Ramones rising from the grave to participate in a gang bang with football hooligans.

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