Z'nuff on the Run for VH1

(antiMusic) If you're close to Las Vegas you have the opportunity to witness the reunion of Enuff Z'nuff as Donnie Vie, Chip Z'nuff, Vik Foxx, and John Monaco take the stage tonight at the Cheyenne Saloon at 8 PM as part of VH1's new 'Band's on the Run.'

This concert is part of the pilot episode for the new series and brings together Donnie, Chip and Vik on stage for the first time in 13 years. While we don't have firm confirmation, we hear that they are competing against Bow Wow Wow.

Hailed as the Beatles of the 90s, the bands rockin' melodic music has won them fans the world over with over a dozen releases to their credit, Enuff Z'nuff still continues to impress critics and fans with every release. In fact, Ralph Sutton of the nationally syndicated Tour Bus radio show recently singled out the band in an interview with About.com as the most underrated band of all time. "I always say that Enuff Z'Nuff has put out some of the most consistent CDs in any band's history," Sutton said. "They have like 15 albums or something like that and some of their best songs are on the later ones. They never got a fair shake."

So get ready to get high on a new thing again´┐Ż

Cheyenne Saloon
3103 N. Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89130


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