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(Prosthetic) Prosthetic Records has enetered into an exclusive licensing agreement with France's Listenable Records to release the new album from French metal titans GOJIRA throughout North America. The band's latest opus, From Mars To Sirius, will be released through Prosthetic on Aug. 22. The record has already been showered with high words of praise in North America from Alternative Press, Metal Maniacs, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Decibel, and Blabbermouth.net, despite initially being available only on import through Listenable.

Mixing technical proficiency, heavy-as-concrete riffs, and socially-conscious lyrics, GOJIRA truly is a thinking man's metal band, combining fierce aggression, varying tempos, and intelligent observations into an all-encompassing 64-minute voyage throughout From Mars To Sirius. Blabbermouth has already dubbed From Mars To Sirius "massively heavy but varied and suprising, never monotonous," with Decibel hailing the record as "monstrous, alien endgame chords, forged in fires of ice and honed to hyperjazz perfection."

From Mars To Sirius will be the band's first album with a formal North American release, all while the band has logged 300+ live shows in France and Europe and sold over 8,000 copies of its last album throughout Europe. Now with Prosthetic's backing, GOJIRA will bring its futuristicly heavy sound across the Atlantic. The band is currently playing live dates and festivals throughout Europe for much of the summer.

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