Have a Nice Gig

(i.e. marketing) Winner of the first leg of the "Have a Nice Gig" Bon Jovi contest, JODY RAFFOUL and his band will be opening the first of three shows for Bon Jovi's home stand gigs at Giant's Stadium, NJ on Tuesday July 18. Fellow Canadian's Nickelback are also on the bill.

The "Have a Nice Gig" competition stems back from late 2005 where over 17,500 bands submitted their best track to participating local and XM Satellite radio stations to win preliminary gigs to open for Bon Jovi in their local arenas. Jody won the local gig in Detroit sponsored by WDVD 96.3 FM and subsequently opened for Bon Jovi at The Palace at Auburn Hills in November 18, 2005. The winner for the next phase of the competition to open for Bon Jovi at Giant's Stadium was initially determined by fan voting, taking the cut from 24 down to the 'Final Four'. The Grand Prize Winner was selected by a panel of music experts and by Bon Jovi themselves. On February 23, WDVD brought JODY into the studio and surprised JODY with the special recorded video announcement from Jon and Richie that he had won.

JODY RAFFOUL has also just been tapped to open for Collective Soul on June 4 at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire and on June 6 at the Webster Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut.

As a prelude to the gigs with Bon Jovi & Collective Soul, JODY RAFFOUL will kick off the opening party for the First Annual Wave Gathering Music Festival in Asbury Park, NJ on May 20th at The Saint at 5 PM.

The Wave Gathering Music Festival's 2-day event will be showcasing some of New Jersey's best talent together with 'bubbling-under' national acts - to perform and bring fans to experience the great local places of interest that Asbury Park has to offer. Additional information about the schedule for Wave Gathering can be found on the official Wave Gathering website at www.wavegathering.com.

In addition, look for a 3 song EP from JODY RAFFOUL scheduled for a digital release this June. The EP will include "Light of Day", "Insignificant Other" and "Ten Times" from the upcoming LIKE A STAR album that will be released in August 2006.

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