Behind the Metal: antiGUY Special Report

(antiMusic) Vh1 has gotten a lot cooler this month. Not trendy cool, but really cool. They did it by deciding to dedicate the entire month to METAL! Now how cool is that? They kicked it all off with their 40 Greatest Metal Songs of the All Time but things really start kicking ass on tonight (May 11th ) when they premier the Pantera: Behind the Music and for poppier side of metal Ratt: Behind the Music. They were ever so kind to send over some screener previews of some of the metal specials. So I'll give you a quick review of that and also let you in on the other metal stuff kicking Vh1's ass this month.

Behind The Music

We only received the Ratt episode, but I can tell you that like almost every BTM, it's worth watching even if you're not into the band (which was the case for me). It starts with the early days when Stephen Pearcy teamed up with Robbin Crosby and formed the band in San Diego and then chronicles their move to Hollywood, the early days of rejection by almost every major label, their eventual signing to Atlantic, their quick rise to multi-platinum glory and the excesses that came along with it. Then it covers the fall of Ratt from both internal and external forces. It's a bitter sweet story and I won't spoil it with more details but I have to include the fact that the episode includes rare never-before seen interview footage with Robbin filmed shortly before he died. Premiers 9:00 PM Tonight! (May 11th)

The show I'm most looking forward to is the Pantera: Behind the Music which premiers right after the Ratt BTM. They didn't send a preview so I can't tell you much about it, but I'll be watching right along with many of you. RIP Dime.

Older BTM re-airing during metal month.

For some strange reason they tossed Kid Rock's Behind the Music onto the schedule. But the one to catch and rather timely with their recent reemergence is Guns N' Roses: Behind the Music, which airs on May 17 and 27th.

Click here for the full Behind the Music schedule for Metal May.

Super Group.

I sighed when I heard about this one. Great another fricken reality show! So I went into watching the premier episode that Vh1 sent over with very low expectations, already mentally writing the trashing review in my head. Then something funny happened, it kicked total ass! This turned out to be the best reality show ever produced by Vh1. The cast of characters is perfect and it indeed turns out to be an honest to Lemmy Super Group. You have Ted Nugent, Jason Bonham, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld(Biohazard) brought together under Doc McGee's management to form a new super group in a cheesed out mansion in Las Vegas. When you think Vegas gaudy, that doesn't even approach how bad this house is. One of the rockers ever joked that it's worse than Donald Trump's place (so yeah, it's that goddamn gaudy!). But the house isn't the big part of this story. That belongs to the interaction between the stars and others. You see old school hard rock vs newer school rock mentality when they are hashing out the new songs, but the best moments come in the first episode when the band meets their publicity team, the same folks that worked with the Backstreet Boys. Just imagine what a Ted Nugent or Scott Ian would think of that and multiple it by 11. It turns out to be one of the most classic reality scenes ever. So tune in on May 21st for check out the premier at 10PM even if you hate reality TV.

Heavy: the Story of Metal

This promises to be an in-depth look at the evolution of metal and judging by the sample episode they sent over (episode 3) this will be a definitive look at the history of metal. The episode I was able to preview dealt with the LA metal scene of 80s starting with a little group called Quiet Riot that came out of nowhere with a cover song they hated and made history by becoming the first metal band with a No. 1 album. That opened the floodgates for LA metal and every band was getting signed. This show chronicles what happened next with the rise or LA metal, then Motley Crue ringing in the age of pop-metal, then the cheese overload that followed with the hair band assault. They also cover the PMRC controversy a little with interviews and excerpts from Dee Snider about his testimony. Although the producers kept calling it a conservative backlash, in fact the PMRC was spearheaded by Al Gore's wife. And the last time I checked, the Gores were definitely not on the vast right wing conspiracy guest list. That aside, it was an interesting look at that point in time and the irony that some bands wanted the PMRC warning stickers because it was a message to kids that shouted "BUY ME". However, one of the best moments in this episode comes when Jani Lane angrily discusses how the song "Cherry Pie" came about. Yes folks, it was the suits at the record company that wanted that piece of cheese foisted on the public and Jani is not too pleased that it is now his legacy.

The series is set to cover the entire four decade long history of metal. Going by the sample episode I was able to preview (about a side of metal that I don't care too much for), I'll be tuning in for the whole thing beginning on Monday May 22nd at 10PM and continuing through May 25th.

That's all I can tell you directly about. But here is the official info from Vh1 about one of the shows that they didn't send us a preview for.

Rock Honors
VH1 debuts its firsts ever show that pays homage to the legends that influenced the sound of Rock with the first annual "VH1 Rock Honors." "VH1 Rock Honors" will be taped in Las Vegas on Thursday May 25th. The 20-hour tribute will salute the groundbreaking bands of rock, the once in a lifetime events and the influential people who made a lasting mark on the history of hard rock. The influence of the honorees will be felt through spoken tributes, filmed packages, and performances. The honored legends of rock will perform themselves as well as duet with current artists on whom they've indelibly left their artistic imprint. Performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced as they are confirmed. Premieres Wednesday, 5/31 from 9-11pm

Things are changing the day with new announcements so head on over to Vh1 to get the latest info.

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