Blood Music

(Rip Town) Dead Celebrity Status teams with super producer Danny Saber (David Bowie, U2, House of Pain, Madonna, Chuck D, Jadakiss) for Blood Music � the group�s premier release on Bodog Music. Blood Music, which debuts on June 27, boasts a star-studded roster of guest performances by: Joss Stone, Dave Navarro, Steven Perkins (Jane�s Addiction), Bif Naked, Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle), and DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit, House of Pain) for the upcoming disk.

Yas, Bobby and DJ Dopey, the forces behind Dead Celebrity Status, assault with phat beats, heavy guitars, honest lyrics and some of the sickest turntablism to hit the decks.

Yas and Bobby, formerly the frontmen for Canadian gold status act Project Wyze (Sony), joined forces with one of the top DJs on earth, the 2003 DMC World Champion, DJ Dopey. The trio takes hard-core hip-hop and aggressive rock to new extremes with Blood Music.

Dead Celebrity Status collaborated with top artists to create Blood Music, an album born out of emotion and infused with honesty. Pop culture, true life and music-industry madness are targeted on the first single �We Fall, We Fal�, highlighted by the instrumentals of Navarro and Perkins. �This Day and Age�, featuring guitar tracks by Ramirez and guest vocals by Bodog Music�s Bif Naked, spotlights Yas�s political rant that defends his Islamic roots and sheds light on the hard truth about being a Muslim in today�s society. On �Somebody Turn The Lights Out�, the members of DCS take their skeletons out of the closet with help from DJ Lethal�s signature sound. Stone�s sultry voice heats up the tattered love triangle expressed on �Erica.� Blood Music shows no mercy taking on today�s most prominent headlines. Yas and Bobby�s years of lyrical symmetry come alive with the syncopation of their aggressive banter. The cuts that DJ Dopey chose for this album are both tasty and flawless. His fader work makes him more a percussionist than a DJ. One can state with conviction that the most important story is the one that the music tells. The music should speak for itself, and Blood Music speaks volumes. In stores June 27.

DCS are also pleased to announce that they have snagged a spot on the Warped Tour DIY stage. Dead Celebrity Status is set to appear on ten action packed west coast dates on The Warped Tour this summer. They will be playing alongside Class Of Zero, Left Alone, Dynamite 8, Code 4-15, Mastema, Los Creepers and Skint.

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