Axl Vs Hilfiger

(antiMusic) Axl Rose got into a bit of a tiff with Tommy Hilfiger on Thursday night at The Plumm in Manhattan. Tommy threw a fit when Axl moved his girlfriend's drink. "I moved his girlfriend's drink so it wouldn't spill," Rose told the Kevin & Bean on KROQ during a short interview Friday morning. "It was the most surreal thing, I think, that's ever happened to me in my life."

Tommy was in such a snit over the moved drink he "smacked" Axl in the arm. "He just kept smacking me," Rose said. Club owner Noel Ashman to the New York Post, "Axl was a gentleman and had the good sense not to retaliate, as he would have done some serious damage to Hilfiger." [Maybe Axl was in shock that Tommy had a girlfriend?]

Axl was on KROQ to announce that Guns N' Roses are to headline the station's Inland Invasion on 9/23 at the Hyundai Pavilion in Devore, Ca. This will be the Gunners first LA area gig in over a decade. [we know that a couple of ubber cool folks at KROQ read the Day in Rock, so come on kick down some tickets!]

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