Louisiana On My Mind

(MVD) MVD and Video Service Corp. Presents are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Maroon/Zarico/Liberty Street Blue: Louisiana On My Mind for U.S. distribution on DVD. From the National Film Board of Canada comes this two disc set celebrating the music of New Orleans in three separate programs.

The first installment, "Maroon: On the Trail of Creoles in North America", is an 85 minute documentary focused on Louisiana�s Creole culture and the emergence of jazz. �Maroon� investigates what remains of this unique, mixed-race society, with roots in France, Africa, the Caribbean, Spain and America. Filmmaker Andre Gladu explores the Francophone presence in North America making this a vibrant travelogue that goes back into history in order to shed light on the present.

The second program, "Zarico", is a 57 minute documentary detailing the distinct folk music of the Black Francophone Creole culture of southwestern Louisiana. It examines the movement of the population during the Depression and World War II, the rhythms and melodies of Zarico in turn influenced jazz, blues and even rock.

The third arrangement, "Liberty Street Blues", features a 77 minute tour of the birthplace of modern jazz with Michael White, university professor and clarinet player. Walk through the back streets of New Orleans with the Young Tuxedos and the Young Olympian Social Aid and Pleasure Club on their annual parade, as their music gathers an impromptu audience from all walks of life.

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