Solo Dictator

(PR) Poptown Records is proud to announce that we have inked a deal with J.P. �Thunderbolt� Patterson! His record, Thunderboss, is already in the can and we are working non-stop to get it in the stores this summer! The official release date has been set for August 1, 2006!

J.P. may be best known as the longtime drummer for NYC punk legends, The Dictators and a founding member of �Handsome� Dick Manitoba�s Dictators spinoff group, Manitoba�s Wild Kingdom. In addition to 16 years of recording and touring with the Dictators, J.P.�s career has also included five years spent with indie rock faves The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, as well as performing and/or recording with Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Patti Rothberg, Lemmy, Rhys Chatham, Timmy Cappello and so many more.

Thunderboss is J.P�s debut solo effort. He wrote, arranged and produced the 11 song record that can be called a soundtrack to life. Accompanied by Ross the Boss, founding member of the Dictators and metal legends Manowar, on lead guitar, J.P. played most of the other instruments himself, calling on engineer C.J. Scioscia to provide some finishing touches and textures.

Cruising in and out between surf-punk, arena rock and world fusion, Thunderboss captures the imagination and takes the listener on an adventure that is every bit as exciting as J.P�s real life. Thunderboss is an expression of decadence and a declaration of independence from homogenized corporate playlists. Be bold!

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