Dylan Speaks

(Kayos) On October 31, Eagle Rock Entertainment, through its wholly-owned Eagle Vision subsidiary, will release Ralph J. Gleason Presents "Dylan Speaks: The 1965 Press Conference in San Francisco." More than any other artist, Bob Dylan used the platform of being interviewed by the press as an opportunity for theater. Fabricating elaborate scenarios about his past, cutting through the rhetoric of what an "entertainment feature story" is supposed to be all about, adding his own surrealistic tinge, Dylan pulled the strings and journalists of the era were the unwitting puppets. His early interviews are legendary.

At the time of this press conference, presided over by the late Rolling Stone co-founder Ralph J. Gleason, whose authorial bearing brings one of the first legendary rock critics back to fascinating life, Dylan had already released Bringing It All Back Home and Highway #61 Revisited. He had shocked the purist folk fans at Newport by infamously "going electric" and getting booed off the stage. Against this backdrop of cultural upheaval, he entered the television studios of San Francisco's KQED for his only known televised press conference.

Videotaped in glorious black'n'white and heard in crystal-clear mono, this 50-minute addition to the Dylan canon is essential in capturing a genius-in-flight.

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