Mailbag: In Da Dogg House With Paris Supergroup

(antiMusic) We get emails all the time and from time to time we pull out a few to respond to publicly. Here are a few of "choice" emails we received commenting about stories from this week.

Tmesha writes: Your headline Corey in Da House about Corey Miller's house arrest was very racist. I will boycott you if you do it again.

Response: Your email about the Corey Miller story was very moronic. We will make fun of you if you do it again. You shouldn't read too much into things and instead read up on a little guy called "Chicken Little" before crying racism.

Angela writes: I bought Paris Hilton's CD and I'm not stupid and I won't buy jus anything. She proved all of you idiots wrong with this CD, she sings great and its a hit because we like the music. So shut up and stop being jelaus.

Response: Ever hear of Auto-Tuning? It could make Yoko Ono sound decent if used properly. We never said you were stupid for buying the Paris CD (we may have implied it) but go ahead and continue to contribute to the decline of popular music by showing record companies they can sell hype over substance. It's called the lowest common denominator for a very good reason.

Mike writes: stop calling every band with members from other bands a supergroup especially ones with people from bands no one has ever heard of.

Response: You're right we shouldn't use the common term "supergroup" for groups formed by members from other established groups. How about Kumbaya Band or Featuring Members from Other Groups? Multiband? Sorry, we're gonna have to stick to the standard term used since Clapton and Ginger got together for a little after dinner Cream. You should stop whining about common terms being used in their proper context because we have never heard of you before either.

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