Goons Of Doom Extend US tour

(PR) Australia's Goons Of Doom are taking their show on the road stateside beginning tomorrow in Southern California where they will play a handful of shows in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County over the next week, before heading to New York and Florida.

Fronted by pro surfer, Ozzie Wright, the Goons Of Doom play blood soaked (literally) garage horror pop for "dirty kids and surf punks" that can best be described as a cross between The Stooges circa Raw Power and the UK's Art Brut.

9/01/06 @ Hogue Barmichaels - Newport Beach, CA w/Japanese Motors (ALL AGES)
9/02/06 @ Coastline Brewery - Santa Cruz, CA (ALL AGES)
9/04/06 @ Star Shoes - Los Angeles, CA w/A for Attack (21+)
9/05/06 @ Safari Sams - Los Angeles, CA w/The Adored (18+)
9/07/06 @ 3 of Clubs - Los Angeles, CA w/Japanese Motors (21+)
9/08/06 @ Volcom Store - San Diego, CA (All Ages)
9/09/06 @ San Diego Sports Club - San Diego, CA w/Japanese Motors (21+)
9/10/06 @ Mountain Bar - Los Angeles, CA (21+)
9/12/06 @ Sin-E - New York, NY (21+)
9/13/06 @ The Inn - Long Beach, NY (All Ages)
9/15/06 @ Back Booth - Orlando, FL (18+)

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