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(PR) Spain's powerhouse Locomotive Records is set to release two major metal statements on October 10: Yesterday by Grave Digger and Fuel To The Fire by Victory.

Victory is the respected Hanover, Germany, Power Metal band that in its 20-year career has elicited raves from critics and fans alike. Now, for the first time, it adds fuel to the fire by actually re-recording some of its greatest songs to add modern day studio techniques in an effort to make them sound better than ever. Totally rearranged, remixed, remastered, newly performed, newly sung, these 12 tracks represent the zenith of Power as an artform. And, as a bonus for its fans, one brand new track, "I Felt It Coming," brings the proceedings up to an unholy 13.

Yesterday, by Grave Digger, is the new maxi-single from the German metalists. Vocalist Chris Boltendahl, guitarist Mani Schmidt, bassist Jens Becker, drummer Stefan Arnold and keyboardist HP Katzenburg took the song from the cult favorite Heavy Metal Breakdown album, of which it was part. They have put it with a new song, "The Reaper's Dance," and its cover of "No Quarter" from a Led Zeppelin tribute album that they were proud to be part of. An orchestral version of "Yesterday" rounds out the CD portion of this double-disk. Packaged within this ambitious project is a special DVD, taken from the band's wild'n'wooly performance at Spain's Rock Machina Festival in 2001.

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