I Like Beer

(PR/DiR) If you aren't familiar with Dan Reeder, then you should know that the Louisiana born singer songwriter has come out with Sweetheart, his second album in stores this week. Sweetheart consists of 15 original songs, plus a cover of Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale," that sounds like the demo version Gary Brooker probably dreamed of singing 39 years ago before all that baroque production-work got in the way.

Certain themes recur on Sweetheart: Dan likes to drink ("I Drink Beer"); Dan likes to think about, and have, sex ("Pussy Titty"; "Pussy Heaven"--for the son of a minister, he's got quite a mouth on him). But most of the time, Sweetheart is about the sound of Dan Reeder's cracked, dry, confiding voice and the pleasant noises he gets out his homemade guitars, his multi-tracked harmonies with himself and his occasional puff on a harmonica. [grab a sixpack and check out an mp3 of "I Like Beer" at the full story link]
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