Count Bass D's 4th

(Audible Treats ) Dwight Farrell, aka Count Bass D, will release his fourth full-length album on FatBeats Records October 17th.. Entitled Act Your Waist Size, the album is filled with 20 genre-defying tracks that serve as further proof that the Count has never been one to linger within the confines of convention in the cut-and-dry music industry.

On Act Your Waist Size, Count Bass D once again demonstrates his unique ability to showcase various styles in a hip-hop context. In addition to his trademark boom-bap and instrumental tracks, he reinterprets two 19th century standards, sings a self-penned ballad, and offers his version of the southern sound. Lead single "Junkies (Hanging Out At The Store)" rides on a laid back southern bass line while new-wave keyboards percolate over the top [grab the mp3 at the full story link] . Second single "Internationally Known" comes in at just under 2 minutes and features Count flowing over a jazzy glissando loop backed by toy-like drums. Given the success of artists like Outkast and Gnarls Barkley, it's clear that creativity from a rap artist can be embraced by a larger audience, but you won't find Count Bass D worrying about such trends. No, he's busy just being one of many musicians trying to make it in Music City USA, and he's doing it his way.
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