Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-Aid

(PR) Shout! Factory announces the release of The Tom Snyder Show: Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show, a DVD including psychedelic segments hosted by the late night talk show fixture. Originally airing in 1979-1981, the DVD features interviews with some of the most colorful and well-known characters from the '60s hippie counterculture, authors Tom Wolfe (The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test) and Ken Kesey (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest), the Galileo of Consciousness Dr. Timothy Leary, and the band that provided the soundtrack to the era, The Grateful Dead. In addition to interviews with Dead members Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman, this episode features live performances of four songs. The Tomorrow Show: Tom Snyder's Electric Kool-Aid Talk Show DVD arrives in stores September 26th.

Program Listing:

1. May 7, 1981 - The Grateful Dead, Ken Kesey
Tom talks to author Ken Kesey and Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, who perform On The Road Again, Cassidy, Dire Wolf and Deep Elem Blues. Tom interviews Garcia and fellow band members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman.

2. August 6, 1979 - Tom Snyder's interview with Tom Wolfe
Tom Snyder's first interview with author Tom Wolfe focuses mostly on Wolfe's bestselling book, The Right Stuff.

3. October 14, 1980 - Tom Snyder's interview with Tom Wolfe
Although their conversation covers many topics, Snyder and Wolfe steer clear of any discussion of LSD or The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test in Wolfe's second visit to The Tomorrow Show. Wolfe prefers to discuss his then-current project, In Our Time, a collection of his drawings.

4. August 9, 1981 - Tom Snyder's interview with Dr. Timothy Leary
Dr. Leary made this rare television appearance when he was appearing at The Bottom Line nightclub in New York as a "stand-up philosopher" a decidedly short-lived career move for him.

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