Neil Aspinall Quits Apple

(Day in Rock) Neil Aspinall has quit Apple Corps (The Beatles Apple, not the iTunes/iPod/Mac Apple). AP reports that no explanation was given for the longtime friend of the Fab Four exiting the top position at the company. Jeff Jones, a former executive vice president at Sony BMG, will now head the company.

Aspinall was a childhood friend of Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Their professional relationship started when he was asked on as the group's first road manager during the band's formative years. Promotions followed as he went from personal assistant to a big wig at Apple Records in 1968. The company started out with a grand idea of being a creative outlet for aspiring artists and others in the hippy counter culture and even included the famous boutique but those dreams faded away as the Beatles grew apart personally and the company evolved in its present form which handles the business side of the Beatles empire.

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