Ozzfest Greed

(SMN) Now that Sharon has decided that Ozzfest should be free, a lot of speculation about the move is coming out including that part of the reason is that last year's fest reportedly lost $1.5 million for the promoter LiveNation. And others are commenting on how much Sharon has reportedly charged "baby" bands for a slot on the tour. But Sharon "Antoinette" Osbourne now blames the greed of bands as the cause of high ticket prices.

"They want $300,000 plus to do an hour's work onstage," Sharon Osbourne told Brad Kava of the Mercury News referring to some young bands. "I'm just not doing it. Last year nearly destroyed us, paying, paying, paying, and we just can't do it again."

She said that System of Down, last year's headliners, $325,000 a night almost sank the festival. "They're taking four years off, we paid them so much, and we're still working," she said. "I'm not doing that again." She didn't comment however on how that kind of payday squared with SOADs ultra-left wing politics including the hypocritical hatred of capitalism or the irony of her calling some established bands greedy when she was reportedly charging new bands $75,000 for a second stage slot (CMJ report). "Let them have cake and I'll eat it too" But maybe with Sharon we should say eggs. Now see the full story for some speculation on how this "free" ticket deal is supposedly going to work. - Click here for the Full Story

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