Reader Mail: Hotel California EXISTS!

(antiMusic Reader Mail) We were told by this reader not to ignore this and judging by the message we have heeded the warning. Here is the reader mail: "'Welcome to the Hotel California Whata lovely place...'...by the Eagles. Sounds to me, no matter what they say, you CANNOT leave anytime you like! Some people dance to remember, and some people dance to forget...that shimmering light in the distance...his eyes grew heavy and his eyes grew dim, had to stop for the night. Little did he know what he had in store...And by the way, 'gracias para 'hermosa'"

This song and its strange imagery have inspired a lot of speculation from people for the past 30 years (including the sane and insane). One popular urban myth says that it was inspired by the Camarillo State Mental Hospital (north of Los Angeles) which looks similar to the hotel used on the album cover (Beverly Hills Hotel). A cynic may think it inspired the "roach motel" tagline about roaches checking in but not checking out. Further speculation has it that to do Satanism. As for the real meaning it was supposedly a "allegory about hedonism and greed in Southern California in the 1970s." You can read more about the "myths" and the supposed real meaning at the full story link. - Click here for the Full Story

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