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(PR) The Crock Hall of Fame has issues their "definitely 200" CDs of all time. The irony is that Rolling Stone is b*****ing about the list and how it differs from their worthless list from four years ago and somehow see themselves as separate from the Crock Hall although they were both founded by the same wiener´┐Ż oops it's pronounced Yon Winner not Jan Weiner.. sorry, don't want to upset a rich hippy. Love it when they bash themselves (and keep an eye out for another pat ourselves on the back special edition soon according to Idolator.) Anyway, back to the crock list. The top 10 isn't too bad with a couple of exceptions. (we know Carole King inspired far more artists than Black Sabbath who didn't even make the top 50 and just barely beat Kid Rock!) Maybe their top 10 is a little pandering and predictable just like the crock hall, but consider the source. Here is their Top 10 see the full story for the rest of the list for a good laugh and to see where their heads are at.

1 Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Rock
2 Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon 1973 Rock
3 Michael Jackson Thriller 1982 Pop
4 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Iv 1971 Rock
5 U2 Joshua Tree 1987 Rock
6 Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street 1972 Rock
7 Carole King Tapestry 1971 Adult Contemporary
8 Bob Dylan Highway '61 Revisited 1965 Rock
9 Beach Boys Pet Sounds 1966 Rock
10 Nirvana Nevermind 1996
[see full story for more but there is no way Santana's Supernatural deserves such high marks and was more definitive than Back In Black and The Wall. And what in the hell is Shania Twain doing so high on the list even above Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and Pink Floyd's The Wall? They smoke crack at the crock hall? Aren't lists fun?]
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