Bon Jovi Idol

(Extra/Submitted) �Extra� spoke to Jon Bon Jovi about his band�s upcoming appearance on American Idol � Bon Jovi is performing on the hit-show Wednesday night. He confessed, �I�ve never seen the show until Gwen Stefani performed on it� weeks ago.�

About whether or not Bon Jovi would have made it to Hollywood if he had auditioned for AI, he admitted, �If I had gone through the process of American Idol at that age and that time in my life, I would never have gotten to Hollywood!�

Bon Jovi said that some of the songs on the new album, Lost Highway out this June, are about band mate Richie Sambora�s divorce from Heather Locklear. He added, �I felt every bit of it with the exception of being in their shoes.�
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