Paul Rodgers on Queen and Solo Touring Plans

(Day in Rock) Morley got to speak with legendary frontman Paul Rodgers. Here are a couple of excerpts from his interview with a bit out the future plans for Queen as well as his touring plans with his solo band to promote the new 'Live in Glasgow' CD and DVD.

antiMUSIC: What is the status of you and Queen. Will there be a record of original material at some point or are you simply planning on doing the live thing with both your catalogues?

Paul Rodgers: Well it's a kind of a go with the flow situation. We haven't a plan. We didn't really plan a world tour. It just kinda grew into that. Since then�the relationship is great. We've been in the studio and recorded some things, just to kind of suck it and see as they say, kinda situation and see what we put together, cause we've been around the world playing basically our hits, you know. And we did do one new song in North America, a song I wrote called "Take Love" and so it remains to be seen what we can create, and it's exciting too because we don't really know. We go in there and say okay, what do you got? (laughs) We just kick something around and see where it takes us. We're just the three of us in the studio and we're kinda sharing the bass honors. Brian's doing some and I'm doing some, and it turns out actually Roger is a, I mean a great drummer. This we know. A great singer. This we know. He's a great songwriter. This we know. And he's also a fantastic guitar player.

antiMUSIC: With several new songs on here(the new live CD/DVD), can we look forward to another solo record in the near future?

Paul Rodgers: Well, yeah, I'd love to do one. Yes I would love to do a solo album. I'm writing all the time. My focus at the moment though is going to be the dates that I'm doing with the solo band. And then I'll go out to Holland for a show out there, and stay over and go to England and meet up with Bryan and Roger and we'll go into the studio again and take that next level. I'm just doing 10 U.S. spring dates. That's all I'm doing this year, solo wise. So I'm kinda moving forward on two fronts with the solo band and with Queen, but I'm keeping�I'm not doing too many shows so that they're pretty exclusive then I guess. So that's going to be my focus. When I get to the other side of that --- (laughs) --- I will look at doing a solo album I guess. [read the full interview at the full story link]
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