Radiohead 1.2 Million Downloads

(antiMusic) If the number in the following Gigwise article turn out to be true then we may witness a big change in popular music, especially with established artists following their lead. To put it in perspective Kanye West had the biggest first week sales in two years by moving 957,000 copies of "Graduation" which came out on 9/11. Radiohead appeared to have bested that number in just one day.

Of course, the Kanye number is just for U.S. sales and we have to assume the Radiohead number is global but for an album to sell a million copies in one day with a radical new sales model should send shockwaves through the music industry. Here is the Gigwise report: Gigwise has learnt that Radiohead have sold an amazing 1.2 million copies of their seventh album 'In Rainbows.'

The band and their long-term management company Courtyard Management have remained tight lipped about the exact sales figures, seemingly in a bid to add to keep a mysterious air around the album.

But speaking to a source close to the band last night, we've discovered that the Oxford band have achieved this monumental sales figure. Even if every person who downloaded the album paid just 10 pence, the band will still rake in a massive 120,000. - more on this story

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