Leave Britney Alone The TV Series

(Hecklerspray) Hey kids, forget everything your parents told you about working hard - it appears the best way to achieve success is to start wailing uncontrollably on YouTube because someone you inexplicably admire is acting like a dickhead.

Pretty much the whole world has seen the YouTube video called 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!' in which a desperately androgynous young person cries and cries and cries and threatens to kill himself unless people stop writing mean things about Britney Spears all the time.

Well, it seems like the TV buzz-phrase this season is 'uncomfortably unstable Britney Spears obsessives' because Chris Crocker, the star of the 'LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!' YouTube video has just signed a deal to star in his own TV show. Although details are scant about Chris Crocker's TV project, it's thought to be a cross between Avocats et Associés and a sobbing f*cking moron getting disturbingly worked up about someone he's never met doing something that'll never affect him like a tit. - more on this story

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