KISS Fans Don't Want New Music

(antiMusic) Paul Stanley reveals in a new interview that he thinks the Rock Hall of Fame is a crock and he also feels that KISS fans would rather buy the same songs over and over again with a different album cover than have a new studio album.

Q: Are there more KISS tours or a new album on the horizon? * A: "We just did some massive shows in Australia and New Zealand, and in three weeks we're heading to Europe. So, KISS is alive and ready to blind you, deafen you and pummel you into submission (laughs). A new album? We're asked about it, but we know fans don't really want new material. I could write the next 'Let It Be' and people would say, 'That's great. Play 'Love Gun.'' And we're happy to do that."

Q: Why hasn't KISS been elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? * A: Because the people who own it are part of what I call the East Coast Music Mafia, and their opinions don't really reflect rock fans' in general. Unfortunately, it's a sham with a very official-sounding name." - more on this story

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