Brother Von Doom Announce Relentless Release

(Adrenaline) Naming the album Relentless might not have even been necessary for Dayton, Ohio thrash newcomers Brother Von Doom. Evil WALL-E's actions speak volumes of the sonic ammunition inside their debut album endlessly jacking blast beats, puking-up-blood screams and de-tuned six strings that alight like punctured fireworks bought at roadside stands.

The touchstones are their�gracefully nodding to the Scandinavians and Californians who birthed these sounds�but this is a more local brew, born amidst endless rehearsals in crummy mid-western basements but always meant for a large stage looming high above a battlefield somewhere�IN THE FUTURE. As the great prophet Nathan Explosion once said, "Brutal".

The CD hits stores on October 14, 2008 but they are currently on Thrash and Burn Tour with Darkest Hour, Parkway Drive, Misery Signals, Winds Of Plague, Stick To Your Guns, Arsis, + more!

*solo shows (not Thrash & Burn):

8/1 � Dayton, OH � The Attic
8/3 � Springfield, OH � Springfield (w/Behold Eternity)*
8/5 � Louisville, KY � Headliners
8/6 � Cleveland, OH � Peabody's
8/12 � Huntington, WV � Monkey Bar
8/21 � Claremore, OK � King of Clubs (w/Suicide Silence)*
8/22 � San Antonio, TX � White Rabbit
8/23 � Houston, TX � Java Jazz

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