Ernie Halter Week: Day 5

(antiMusic) It's hard to find a unique "singer/songwriter" in this day and age. The mere mention of the "genre" is enough to put most people to sleep, but there are a few exceptions and Ernie Halter is one of them with his unique mix of rock, soul and pop.

Ernie's new album "Starting Over" debuted on the top 25 of the iTunes rock charts earlier this month and with the physical CD hitting stores next week we asked Ernie to tell us a little bit about the songs. Here is Ernie with today's song:

My heart is with you: This is the fastest song I have ever written. It's about a long distance relationship. I actually wrote it on a plane. I wanted to write something about being in two places at one time. Those two places are where you are right now and where you want to be.

As a bonus, we conclude the special today with Ernie telling us about the rest of the songs on the album!

Different lives: This is the first song on the album and it is more or less about a breakup. It's about letting go of a situation that did not go the way you thought it would.

Blue Dress: I wrote this song in Nashville. This was the first song I wrote by myself in a long time. I wanted something a lil soulful and flirty. This song was the result of losing myself in a hotel room on while I had two days off. I did not come out of that hotel room until the song was finished.

Pretty Girl: David Ryan Harris wrote this song. It's the perfect song! It's about girls who do not think they are pretty enough. This song was the first track that introduced the whole solo acoustic performance thing for me.

Just Friends: I am a big fan of R/B, so this song is one that I love to perform. I always get a lot of requests for it. Having this song on the album is for those fans that always come to my shows.

Cyclone: This song is another cover. I have always thought of myself as a singer first and songwriter second. I love to do covers. Cyclone is a hip hop tune and it's different for me. I did this song because it was a request. I put it on YouTube to try to win over some new fans. Baby Bash actually found this song on a phoenix radio station and contacted me. We are in current talks about doing some type of tour.

Played: I wrote this song with Kasia Livingston. She and I wrote love in "L.A." and "Better" on my previous album. Kasia Livingston is known for writing for the Pussy Cat Dolls. I didn't put this on my first album. A lot of fans were asking for it so I had to do something with it. This song is about when someone knows they are going to get hurt and they don't care. Basically, they have that crush and know that crush is gonna use ya for some dirty lovin and you don't care.

Hearing is believing, so go grab a listen and learn more about Ernie and his new album right

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