Mike Mangione Week: Day 2

(antiMusic) We continue our look at outstanding artists this week with Mike Mangione. This critically acclaimed Midwestern singer/songwriter's latest new album "Tenebrae" is getting a wide release this week and we caught up with Mike to tell us a little bit about his favorite tracks from the album. Here he is with today's song:

You Don't Wanna Leave: This was written at 4am coming home from a show in Iowa City. I would write with a pad of paper on the steering wheel occasionally checking my handwriting with the interior lights. I was around Beloit when the ideas really started flowing. It's about always looking ahead and missing what's there in front. Grasping so far that what you truly need gets overlooked.

The chorus is very specific to a traveling singer/songwriter, "big wheels will lay you down in the chords of another town". This is the most impersonal/personal song I have written. Sometimes I feel it was written about me and sometimes about someone else, it's weird. I never get tired of playing it (at least not yet).

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