Hoax Alert: AC/DC To Delay New Album and Tour

(antiMusic) We received another AC/DC "announcement" from someone claiming to be "sonymusic customer service management" but is using a Yahoo email account. Our contact at Sony never heard of this person and suggested they may be an intern but if that's the case it's a very informed intern and a quick search of Google finds that this person has been sending these "announcements" out for over a year.

We've passed on a few of this person's updates in the past as they seemed plausible and our contact at Sony didn't deny them. However, regular readers will remember that we also warned that the information came from a suspicious source (contrary to what a blogger claims, we never posted it a "official" news and always included the warning about its source). Now this person is spreading "news" that really stretches credibility, especially in light of the official announcement about the upcoming tour, so we thought we should warn you in case you read it as "real" news somewhere else. Here is what was sent to us today:

Due to the band's desire to start their new world tour not in 2009 but in 2010, on the 30th anniversary of "Back In Black" album, the new AC/DC album tentatively titled "Dirty Rhythm" will not be released until the end of the next year.Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd are extremely sorry for those disappointing news, but that was the decision they had to make. Be sure to check out acdc.com in a few days for more information regarding AC/DC's new album and world tour.

Why someone would feel the need to spread such rumors is anyone's guess but there you have it. We'll keep posted on real AC/DC developments as we know a lot of you are excited about the new album and tour! - In the meantime, Blabbermouth has posted what are suggested to be clips from the new album. Check em out.

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