Mike Mangione Week: Day 3

(antiMusic) We continue our look at outstanding artists this week with Mike Mangione. This critically acclaimed Midwestern singer/songwriter's latest new album "Tenebrae" is getting a wide release this week and we caught up with Mike to tell us a little bit about his favorite tracks from the album. Here he is with today's song:

The Killing Floor: We recorded this on the fly live. I wrote this a day before we entered the studio so no one in the band knew it. We wanted to keep as much of the album live so, like all other songs on the record, we stood at our respected spots in the warehouse we recorded at, I shared the chords and changes and we pressed record. After the second time through the song we all understood how it was supposed to sound. We realized the song is one hundred percent feeling and vibe. After the second take we said we were ready to do it for real, Duane Lundy our producer replied, I think we just did. We kept the second take and I added some harmonies. There is so much bleed in the microphones going on in this song that you could turn all the tracks down except for one and it would sound the same. The song is about Good, it transcends all things no matter how dark it can get.

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