ism Week: Day 1

(antiMusic) Urgency, the great new sophomore album from alternative rockers ism, just hit stores last week and to celebrate the release we asked frontman Andre Mistier to tell us a little about his five favorite tracks. Andre went well beyond the call of duty! So let's cut this intro short and let Andre tell you about today's song:

Urgency - The title track of the album. This song is about the question, if it were your last day on earth, what things that you do now would still matter to you? So, there are two ideas that follow. One is that some people put too much urgency on themselves. Is your cause really important enough to kill or die for? Or do you just want it to be? We all have our own lives, and what we do is important to us, but there needs to be some perspective. How your date went on Friday is not nearly as important as your sister being in the hospital.

The other idea is that some people don't have enough urgency in their lives. Many people wait for someone or something else to magically help them achieve their goals. And everyone is special, but it's only the ones who are willing to go out and pursue what they want with urgency, with passion, that will get where they are trying to go.
So, the real question is, if it were the end, what actually matters to you and why?

This song was also the first song written for the album. It was written in the woods of northern California after hearing a speech by our current president. He gave a speech right at the beginning of the Iraq War about how we all had to follow him against the bad guys or the world was going to end. That same week a friend of mine who is a hard-core activist said that everyone had to follow him against Bush or the world would end. Something about the way they both said it made me feel that what they were fighting for wasn't nearly as important as how important they felt by having their cause.

I feel like Urgency kind of defined the sound, meaning, and overall direction of what would follow. The tough but dancey groove, the fuzzy bass, the use of delay and whammy pedals on guitar to create both atmosphere and power, all these things became defining elements of the overall sound of the album.

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