Ludo Warped Tour Diary: 7/31/08 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Noblesville, IN)

(antiMusic) Ludo will be checking in with us all summer as they rock the Warped tour in support of their Island Def Jam CD "You're Awful, I Love You". Here is the band with latest entry:

Hot in Indianapolis. Certainly the warmest day of the tour since Boston. That sun sure was vigorous. Got up and got out there with Donnie and Rifqa at doors, where some volunteers were helping promote with signs. We sold some CD's and told people to come see us play at 6:00. Then we found out they'd changed our set time to 5:30. Crap. We changed all the signs and sent everyone out to promote the new time. Hung out intermittently with Byron at merch. Showed the bus off to some Wickes peoples. Watched some great sets.

The bus started smoking at a certain point, and Randy had to call someone to check it out since the generator had switched off. Then Randall ran off with a runner and tracked down 4,000 CD's for Ludo to restock with. Busy day for the TM! We played early that evening to a great crowd, did an Idiot Parade, loaded out, grabbed food, did a signing, met good people, showered, loaded out the merch, hung out at the barbecue, and then called it a night. Great work team! Let's go to Milwaukee!!!

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