Mayhem On the Road with Five Finger Death Punch Part III

(antiMusic) This summer we're taking you on tour vicariously with some of today's best bands. We continue with the Mayhem Festival with this entry from Five Finger Death Punch's Matt Snell:

I'm gonna go ahead and say the title of the tour should have been .. "after party". See, on this run every band hosts a sponsored after party at one stop along the tour. The folks at mayhem give you a nice budget to work with and you get to theme your party. The parties seem to get more creative as the tour passes .... from The Dragonforce Hawaiian party to 5fdp's karate inspired party..."relax...no one was hurt"... except for the victims of my patented .. five finger DEATHPUNCH ... a drink only the insiders will ever taste...hahahaha ..

Disturbed right now hold the #1 spot on the people to damage ratio...."again.. no one was hurt" LOL ... but Slipknot's party is yet to come...I'm sure they will pull out all the stops. On a personal note.. the tour seems to be getting bigger at every stop. Gaining momentum at a pace I don't think anyone was prepared for. There are only a few stops left so my advice.... beg borrow or steal your way to this show....

Five Finger Death Punch are on the Mayhem Festival supporting their latest release "The Way of the Fist". Now go grab dates and hear why you should grab tix to this tour - right here!

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