Ludo Warped Tour Diary: 8/5/08 Credit Union Centre (Saskatoon, SK)

(antiMusic) Ludo will be checking in with us all summer as they rock the Warped tour in support of their Island Def Jam CD "You're Awful, I Love You". Here is the band with today's entry:

After a day off in blustery Winnipeg, Manitoba (twas a holiday called Civic Day and the streets were bare), we were all geared up to take Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by storm. There were very few people at Warped Tour that day (probably by extension of the fact that there are very few people in Saskatoon), but the ones who were there kicked it hard. Ludo volunteered at lunch time at catering by helping serve foods from 11:30-2:00. I served Saskatoon Salad, Matt did Canadian Shrimp, Randall served Manitoban vegan chicken, Ferrell served something (beef? no...), Marshall served something (justice? no...), and Convy served Prince Edward Island smoothies. Yay. Ate with The Randies, convinced Oreskaband to play horns on Epic with us onstage, and then headed back out into the Saskatchewanian day.

We played to a scantish chunk of humanage (80 people??), but it was a good time the whole way through. As we were breaking down the merch tent at the end of the day, some drunk kid in a Canadian band pissed on our merch tent. He then insisted for 20 minutes that we were wrong and he didn't. It was very douchetastic. Whatever. I will never be friends with that guy. He cannot come to my birthday party. Packed up, loaded out, and shortly thereafter found ourselves en route to Calgary! Home of Byron!

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