MySpace Bans Band Photos

(PR) One of Earache's newest signings, the heaviest, most pissed-off deathcore band in the world, Oceano, recently posted up a number of pictures onto MySpace which were promptly removed by site administrators for being "too violent".

Under MySpace rules and regulations, "images of violence are prohibited" on the popular social networking site. This led to the photos being taken down "within a half hour" according to Oceano guitarist Andrew Mikhail. "They even took them off our personal profiles. Guess they were too raunchy after all."

The pictures in question from a recent Oceano photo shoot hit every measure of violence imaginable, both simulated and real."On a scale of 1 to 10, we'd say it was about a 6 on the blood scale." says Mikhail. "We knew how bloody it was already, but we told the photographer we wanted more. You could never have enough blood." The models used in the photographs even contributed to the raw physicality captured in the graphic photos. "These girls were hardcore" says the imposing Oceano guitarist. "One of the models kept telling us stuff like "pull my hair" and "choke me like you wanna f*** me!" It really made things easier for all of us to get in the spirit of things...other than the studio smelling of rotten meat."

Click on the following links to view the OCEANO promo pictures that were deemed "too violent" and BANNED by MySpace:


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