Benjy Davis Project Inks Deal

(Rock Ridge) Louisiana-based band the Benjy Davis Project has just signed with Rock Ridge Music and plans to release their album "Dust" nationally (with distribution via ADA) on November 4, 2008. The album will be different from the version by the same name that the band released last year: all of the songs were remixed and three new songs were added.

Says Rock Ridge Music A&R Consultant Bobby Capps, who brought the band to Rock Ridge Music: "The Benjy Davis Project is one of the coolest acts I've come across in years. The band is tight live, and they deliver a knockout punch with singer/songwriter Benjy Davis. I'm very happy to have had a hand in getting them into the Rock Ridge family." Concurs Rock Ridge Music CEO Tom Derr about the band's songs: "In the end, it all leads to great songs, and there you have the Benjy Davis Project."

Says the band's manager, Jim Bateman, of Real Records: "This is a dream deal with an artist driven approach to the music business. At Real Records, we have used a similar concept in developing artists, with an emphasis on live performances. Tom Derr of Rock Ridge has a proven track record developing artists for the major labels. He has been instrumental in the success of the Dave Matthews Band and Three Doors Down. We have always felt that similar success lies ahead for the Benjy Davis Project. We look forward to working with Tom Derr and Rock Ridge Music."

In an artist-driven approach to expanding their audience, the Louisiana-based group perseveres with integrity and purpose by taking their music directly to the people. This year's return engagement at the New Orleans' Jazz and Heritage Festival (4/26/08) attracted thousands of new fans and terrific media notice -- from USA TODAY's photo coverage to the TIMES PICAYUNE review: "The Project has gone about the business of becoming a credible college rock band the hard way, grinding it out on the road and writing the sort of autobiographical anthems that Southern teens want to sing along to." The band logs 120 dates or more per year.

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