Legends Live At Montreux 1997 Coming To BluRay

(Kayos) Legends, indeed! The melding of lead guitarist Eric Clapton, drummer Steve Gadd, bassist Marcus Miller, keyboardist Joe Sample (of The Crusaders) and tenor saxman David Sanborn into one superband performing on the prestigious Montreux stage means there's going to be some sublime music-making headed your way!

These are, arguably, the best musicians in the world, and when they came together on this night in 1997, the results were positively magic! Add to that the beauty and clarity of Blu-Ray, complete with stunning sound, and you have one heavy-duty 13-song 107-minute blockbuster Blu-Ray Event. It lands in stores September 30.

Legends Live At Montreux 1997 is the only known document of this allstar lineup, a lineup that never had the opportunity to record together. Filled with delicious jazz, blues and rock, the material gives each maestro the opportunity to stretch out and shine on his respective ax. The result is an intoxicating brew of improvisation and collective chemistry that has to be seen and heard to be believed. (The set is also available on DVD � released September 2005 on Eagle Rock Entertainment.)

Bassist Miller and Drummer Gadd had already played in Guitarist Clapton's bands so their musical interaction was skin-tight. This Miller/Gadd allstar rhythm section is perfectly in sync with the master guitarist to the point of what can only be described as stageside mental telepathy. Miller, in fact, put this solid aggregation together for a '97 Euro tour.

Track Listing

1) Full House

2) Groovin'

3) Ruthie

4) Snakes

5) Going Down Slow

6) The Peeper

7) In Case You Hadn't Noticed

8) Third Degree

9) First Song/Tango Blues

10) Put It Where You Want It

11) Shreveport Stomp

12) In A Sentimental Mood/Layla

13) Everyday I Have The Blues

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