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(antiMusic) While everyone is going goo goo over the rehashed lesbian song this summer, one video did grab our attention. Who doesn't love puppets that take drugs? We won't spoil it for you, but the actual concept behind the clip was pretty clever. We were so impressed that we touched base with the group's publicist at Capitol Records to see if the main woman behind the song would be willing to tell us a little bit about it and she did! So here is Chantel from Morningwood to tell us all about the song "Sugerbaby":

We wrote the song "Sugarbaby" in one day in the studio with these awesome dudes named Sam & Dave. We went in and they asked us if we had anything we wanted to write about, I took out my little notebook of ideas and the phrase "sugarbaby" was one of the things that stuck out. The vocal that I sang that first day is the vocal that is still on the released recording. I always enjoy writing about NYC hipsters, it provides endless hours of mockery. This is sort of a continuation of what "Nu Rock" was from the first album. It is poking fun at the typical downtown kid who come to the big city and tries to assimilate themselves by dressing "cool" and getting into the party scene all while their parents foot the bill for their education. Once their parent's are done footing the bill the kids have to find new ways live their life, so we figured the girl would get a sugardaddy.

At the same time, it is also sort of making fun of my upbringing in NYC because it is going through all of the places I have lived in NYC on the LES (lower east side) and the UES (upper east side). So I get to sing about all of the places that were my old stomping grounds. When we filmed the video it was like filming my life story, I got to go to all of the places I grew up around so it was pretty amazing to capture that on film.

That's to Chantel for taking the time to give us the 411. If you haven't seen the video, you really need to drop everything and go check it out right now. You can view the video and learn more about Morningwood on their - Myspace page.

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