The Real Reason Britney Mimes?

(antiMusic) Back before MTV, you needed to actually have some talent to make it as a pop star. Either that or a retardly catchy song. But the dawn of the video age changed all of that.

Now all you need is a marketable image, throwaway pop songs from generic songwriters, a producer that can work magic with AutoTune. Hell, you don't even need to have the ability to sing live, you can just lip-sync and claim that you do it because of all of your dancing. But what would happen if a major popstar's actual voice was captured during a concert and uploaded to the web?

We should ask Britney Spears as a new video posted online has the net buzzing. The clip reportedly features the actual audio recorded from Britney's microphone during a performance in Las Vegas, not what the people in the audience heard. And boy it isn't pretty! We're not 100% convinced that this is legit, but wouldn't be shocked if it is. - You need to hear it for yourself.

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