Guns N' Sex Parties for Axl

(antiMusic) Welcome to Axl's funhouse, he's got fun and sex games! Apparently there was a lot of hanky panky going on at Axl Rose's house during Guns N' Roses' heyday. This according to a new biography of the group.

Page Six previewed the book and reports that the biography contains some rather lurid stories about Axl's "fun and game" where he reportedly "held debauched sex parties at his home � with all female visitors ordered to 'get naked or leave.'"

In "Watch You Bleed", Stephen Davis' new bio of the California rockers, Rose recalls, "There was a lot of indoor and outdoor sex . . . People would show up at all hours and we'd talk the girls into climbing into our loft, and somebody would hit the light and go, 'All right! . . . Get naked or leave!'

"This one girl, she [bleep]ed almost the whole band, friends of the band, and the band next door. Two days later, she comes back and goes, 'Axl, I'm having your child.'

Forget "the Dirt," it sounds like the tale of the real most notorious band in rock n' roll is about to hit shelves. - more on this story

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