Judas Priest Screaming for Kimmel

(Chipster) Name any current heavy metal band, and they've knowingly or unknowingly borrowed a thing or two from Judas Priest. Having sold millions of albums (including such classics as 'British Steel,''Screaming for Vengeance,' and 'Painkiller'), scored many radio standards ("Breaking the Law," "Living After Midnight," and "You've Got Another Thing Comin'"), and staged numerous sold out tours for decades by this point, you'd think that Judas Priest has accomplished just about everything within the rock stratosphere.

But 2008 has seen several firsts for the band � their first-ever concept album (and highest U.S. charting album of their entire career), 'Nostradamus,' as well as their first-ever late night U.S. television performance, on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' which will see Priest play a free outdoor 5 song mini-concert on Tuesday, September 2nd, at 6:15pm in Los Angeles, California.

To get your free tickets, visit www.1iota.com for more information. Everyone must be at least 16 years old with a valid ID, and no knapsacks or bags of any kind will be allowed at the outdoor performance (all of this information and more is included when they get tickets). Come witness this sure-to-be unforgettable union of the metal gods and the late night TV god! - http://www.1iota.com

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