Pierre de Reeder (Rilo Kiley) Week: Day 2

(antiMusic) Earlier this month Pierre de Reeder took a step outside his role as the bass player for Rilo Kiley to release his debut solo album, "The Way That It Was." The result is an effort that should satisfy his existing fans as well as open the door to new ones. To celebrate the release we asked Pierre to pick his favorite tracks from the CD and tell us about them. Here is Pierre with today's song:

Sophia's song - This is one of the oldest songs on the record, written at the time my daughter was born. So right there, it's a very personal note to her.

It is also the oldest "basics" track on the record, as I recorded the piano and vocal in my living room a good five years ago, sort of as a demo of the song. Much later, I used that same basic track to add strings (again in the living room), another piano part, and some harmonies.

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